Autogas / LPG - CNG Frequently Asked Questions

What Is LPG / Autogas

Liquified Petroleum Gas is a byproduct of petroleum refinement. Autogas is when LPG is used for Internal Combustion engines, specifically vehicles.

What Is CNG?

Compressed Natural Gas is a naturally occurring gas which is compressed down to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure.

Are alternative fuels proven technology?

The origin of LPG is coming from 1911 the American chemist, Walter Snelling, demonstrated that the volatilization was caused by the propane and butane present in it. That is why he developed a way to separate the gases from the gasoline. Through this process, these gases could liquefy at reasonable pressures and evaporated again when the pressure reduced. From this discovery arose Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), a fuel with the consistency of a liquid and the profits of a gas.

LPG continues to rise while currently there are more than 27 millions cars operating in gas.

Natural gas vehicles started becoming popular in regions or countries where natural gas is abundant . The use of natural gas(CNG) began in the Po River Valley of Italy in the 1930s.

CNG is one of the cleanest burning fuels available and there are more than 23 million cars running on natural gas around the world.

Will I Still Be Able To Use Petrol?

Yes, you can change back from LPG to petrol simply at the press of a button. The conversion to LPG Autogas does not remove the petrol function of your vehicle.

What Happens If I Run Out Of LPG/CNG?

All modern gas injection systems are Bi fuel, meaning that Petrol is not cancelled. So, when the car runs out of LPG/CNG it will automatically switch back to Petrol.

Why Is LPG Better For The Environment?

Two Reasons.

  • Firstly, the simple chemical nature of the fuel ensures that it burns cleaner producing less pollution. LPG has the potential to make a huge difference to local air quality, particularly in urban areas.
  • Secondly, Low Carbon Emissions and Lower noise pollution, reducing impact on the environment.


Will I Save Money Using LPG Autogas?

Yes, with the current fuel price, you can save between 40-50% on your monthly fuel bill.

Is LPG Safe For My Car?

Yes. The regulations that apply to the installation and operation of vehicles fueled by LPG Autogas are very strict. LPG fuel tanks are constructed from heavy duty steel plates and are many times stronger than regular petrol tanks.

Evidence has proven that in a collision, you are far less likely to incur a leak from an LPG gas tank than a petrol tank or suffer from a gas related injury during a motor vehicle accident.

The LPG Conversion Kits have a large number of inherent safety features and are also manufactured, tested and installed as per the highest international standards. It is thus safe in all the ways to convert the vehicle using LPG Conversion kit.

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