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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which is sometimes also called autogas in the car industry, comprises hydrocarbon compounds like petrol and diesel. The main components of LPG are propane and butane.

Large quantities of petroleum gases are released when extracting oil and natural gas, and refining crude oil. Compressing these petroleum gases convert them to a liquid state, and creates LPG.

LPG is a cleaner fuel compared to petrol and diesel. So using LPG as a vehicle fuel helps to improve the air quality.

Autogas CNG

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CNG and Dual Fuel

Mostly all types of vehicles can run on CNG by installing CNG kit. Kit assembling of many components is required to run existing vehicle on CNG.

There are few basic components which are common in all type of kits, irrespective of the vehicles such as CNG storage cylinder, high pressure tube, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, change over switch, high pressure tube fittings, refueling receptacle and air fuel mixer.

  • ​CNG cylinders are installed under chassis dickey at vehicles to store fuel.
  • High-pressure tubing connects the cylinders and engine.
  • A low-pressure regulator is installed to supply.
  • Gas to engine as per need.
  • A refueling connector is provided for refueling gas in the vehicle.
  • A low-pressure hose supplies gas from regulator to engine.

Major Parts of a CNG retrofit kit are illustrated below:

  • ​Pressure Regulator.
  • Petrol Solenoid Valve Stops petrol flow when operating on CNG.
  • On-Off valve and refueling connector – Opens or stops gas flow to the regulator and includes a refueling device.
  • Control Module/Change-over switch – Electronic control component with fuel selection switch.
  • CNG level indicator- Shows CNG quantity on vehicle dash board.
  • Gas-Air Mixer.
  • CNG cylinder with valve, vapour bag & bracket.
  • Petrol hose.
  • Low-pressure gas hose.
  • Ignition advance processor.
  • High-pressure gas tube.
  • Wire Harness.
  • NRV in petrol return.
  • Line Pressure gauge.

There may be some differences in nomenclature and variations in the kit component from one make to another. For more details, motorists should refer to the conversion manual, packing list/schematic diagram provided by the supplier at the time of purchase of the kit.


About LPG

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Autogas is an alternative vehicle fuel that substantially reduces harmful emissions, costs less than gasoline and is almost entirely domestically produced. Propane (C3H8), or liquefied petroleum gas, is called autogas when used as a motor fuel. With more than 18 million vehicles worldwide running on autogas, it is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world, just behind gasoline and diesel.

LPG are the generic names used for mixtures of hydrocarbons (mainly propane and butane). When these mixtures are lightly compressed they change from a gaseous state to a liquid. Autogas is a safe, proven alternative fuel. Thousands of school buses and taxicabs across the U.S. are already fueled by autogas. Unlike gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol, autogas is nontoxic, nonpoisonous and insoluble in water.

Automotive LPG (Autogas) is specifically designed for use in a vehicle – with the specification governed by the requirements of the National Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 and the Autogas Determination 2003

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