LNG & Dual Fuel


Prins Autogassytemen BV, a Westport Fuel Systems company, has been a world leader in the development of alternative fuel systems for more than 30 years.

It has acquired a reputation of excellence for providing its OEM, Country Importers and after market customers with cost-effective and innovative solutions for the wide range of engine types available on the market today.

Prins has obtained world’s first R115 certification for its LPG system with direct LPG injection called Direct LiquiMax-2.0 System. With the latest engine developments for petrol cars using direct fuel injection, new innovations are needed to benefit from the lower fuel cost of LPG and reduction in emission, like CO2 and particles. The Prins Direct LiquiMax-2.0 system easily complies with the current EURO-5 and EURO-6 emission standard. Prins has developed Direct LiquiMax-2.0 for drivers to get those benefits without losing drivability and performance, enabling you to directly start on LPG.

​The Prins Diesel blend system makes it possible to convert diesel engines (in trucks) to dual-fuel engines by means of replacing a certain quantity of diesel by LPG or CNG or LNG or Biogas. The Diesel blend system is installed beside the original motor management system, and in principle it is suitable for all diesel engines (as from Euro 3). The system communicates (read only) with the ECU via CAN-bus to ensure fully computer-controlled injection of the correct amount of gas, depending on the specific characteristics of the diesel engine.

Autogas LPG-CNG & Dual Fuel Brands

The dedicated diagnostic software is unique and enables fine tuning the Diesel blend system for optimal performance and emission reduction. For the storage of the LPG ,CNG, LNG and Biogas there are different tank options available.

​In co-operation with Keihin Corporation of Japan, one of the world’s most important manufacturers of OE fuel systems, Prins has developed a high-tech sequential gaseous injection system (VSI system), which is suitable for both Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) applications.

​Prins is working closely with its global customer base to ensure its systems and components work seamlessly with the latest automotive technology providing best in class solutions for mono-,bi- and dual fuel applications.

​Prins Autogassystemen B.V. is NEN-EN-ISO-9001:2015 certified. All components are in-house tested and comply with EU-R67-01/R110/R115, CSA and EPA regulations. Prins C.O.P. for all components is based on 100% testing prior to delivery.

​Prins is a global supplier of alternative fuel systems and components for automotive, bus, HDV, industrial and marine applications and has established distribution channels in over 50 countries. Its vast network of dedicated professionals is available to provide after sales customer and technical service.

As from 1968 at the forefront of development and application of cryogenic vaporizers , Cryonorm has employed a combination of technology and production techniques to satisfy a diverse range of vaporizing applications for liquefied air gases and LNG.

Cryonorm Systems, subdivision of the Cryonorm group, is the specialist in Turn-key Small and mid-scale LNG-systems.

Cryonorm is a leading designer and supplier of tailor made LNG systems and vaporizers. These LNG systems are developed to meet the highest international standards as well as applicable local regulations.

Our Marine LNG Fuel Systems are certified by the appointed third party inspection agencies for Marine classification.