CNG Filling Stations

When choosing a CNG filling station, experience matters

Ergon collaborates with Cubogas for CNG appliances.

After all, you need proven technology and reliable performance: something that can't be developed overnight. Cubogas has been building CNG compressors for transportation for over 75 years, so you won't find anyone with more experience in the field. And based on that experience, Cubogas engineered popular products to satisfy any particular needs, whatever they may be. Easy to install and maintain,

CUBOGAS CNG solutions are durable, economical, safe and environmentally friendly.

Their innovative and modular technology increases efficency and reduces operating expenses.

  • Innovative reciprocating compressor designed based on API 618 standards;
  • Conservative rotational speed limits wear;
  • Engineered to function 24/7 no matter the conditions;
  • Non-lubricated cylinders reduce costs and contamination risks.