CNG & Dual Fuel

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CNG is the abbreviation for ‘Compressed Natural Gas’. CNG is one of the cleanest fuels; when burned, it emits fewer harmful gases and less fine particulate matter compared to petrol.


The now well known natural gas, which has changed the map of the energy market with efficient utilization in domestic, industrial and commercial uses, penetrates further more in South Africa into the field of transportation as the most economical and environmentally friendly automotive fuel.


CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 20%. In the case of a diesel vehicle, this reduction can be as much as 75%. In addition, when running on CNG, your vehicle emits up to 30% less NOx in comparison to diesel.


Green gas, the sustainable variant of natural gas, is produced by upgrading bio gas to natural gas quality. Green gas is produced by fermenting plant waste, pruning waste, sewage sludge and manure.


A further advantage of CNG is the price difference compared to petrol and diesel; CNG is a lot cheaper. So you save on your fuel costs. These savings vary per vehicle and driver.


Dual Fuel

An innovative system for conversion of diesel engines

Heavy-duty trucks and buses account for about one-third of NOx emissions and one-quarter of PM emissions from mobile sources. In some cities, the contribution is even greater. The fine particles in diesel exhaust (known as particulate matter) pose serious health risks.

Diesel exhaust also has environmental impacts. PM from diesel engines contribute to haze, which restricts visibility. In addition, diesel exhaust contributes to ozone formation, acid rain, and global climate change.

Running vehicles on natural gas has a positive effect on the risks as outlined above, examples include:

  • CO2 – up to 10% reduction compared to Diesel.
  • Particulate emissions – reduced by 99%.
  • Carbon Monoxide – reduced by 90%.
  • Benzene – reduced by 97- 99%.
  • Nitrous Oxide – reduced by 85%.
  • Lead and sulphur – 100% reduction.
  • Gas engines are also quieter than diesel engines.