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Can a diesel engined vehicle be converted to run on autogas LPG?

Most four-stroke,spark ignition petrol engines can be converted to bi-fuel (LPG and petrol), including turbo and super-charged engines.

The Lpg  trade association is aware that systems are being developed to convert diesel engines to run on a mixture of LPG and diesel but they have not yet been provided with satisfactory test results for engine durability or emissions.

What is involved in converting a vehicle to run on autogas LPG?

An LPG conversion results in a bi-fuel car i.e. one that car run either LPG or petrol. A second, independent fuel system is added to the car for which a dedicated fuel tank is needed. The tank is usually fitted in the spare-wheel cavity, but can sometimes be installed underneath the vehicle. As with petrol and diesel, liquid LPG is bought by the litre and pumped into the tank via a hose and a dedicated filling point.

How long does the conversion process take?

Most standard conversions take around three to four days.

What happens if I run out of LPG or petrol?

A converted car nearly always starts up on petrol so if you run out of petrol, regardless of if you have a full-tank of LPG, you won’t be going anywhere .
If a LPG vehicle runs out of LPG, the vehicle will automatically switch back to running on petrol without having to slow down or turn off the ignition.
Most LPG vehicle owners keep a small amount of petrol in the petrol tank for starting up and run as much as possible on LPG to maximise the cost and environmental benefits.

Will converting my car affect its performance?

Converting to Autogas LPG can increase the power and performance of your car especially if it is a turbo model. However, generally there is a small loss in performance, but so small you won’t notice it while driving. What you will notice, compared with a diesel vehicle, is a smoother and quieter ride.

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